“Lord of the azure, soaring high,

With your empyrean wings, that stretch for miles

Gliding through the the airspace, you catch and grasp the eye

Of us humans of the Earth, tinier as seen from the aerial vista of the heavens.”

This capture of an eagle I took is my favorite.

The day that eagle flew over our garden @ home was the day I knew I had to write this article. I knew I had to express the immense merriment I felt when it flew right into the time frame of my DSLR’s click. I have loved predator birds for eternity, and out of that multitude, eagles are what strike me most.

Gliding through the azure, this lionhearted bird of the Accipitridae bird family first caught my eye when I was a tender 6 years old. I was in the 1st grade at school in Hyderabad, India at the time. It was at around 7:00 in the morning that I would go to the bus stop to catch the school bus everyday. And everyday at 7:00 in the morning, it would be there, with pulchritudinous, rich brown wings, circling the bus stop. It was from then that I took to liking and eventually falling hard for the lordly eagle.

Thing is, I never knew the species of the eagle that I saw.

One of my heart’s wishes is to spot a bald eagle, mid-flight and capture that breathtaking moment on camera. Its bright, yellow beak and its bald white head and talons and over all, those strong-willed wings is the sight I want to capture and remember.

Bald Eagles 🦅!!!!!

Now isn’t that a pleasing and wondrous sight! The fact that eagles are great predators in the study of ornithology isn’t the only reason why this bird forever remains the wish of my heart and my eye. The eagle’s lionheart, sheer determination, focus, dedication, independence, confidence and great competitiveness attracts me a lot. Its personality characteristics inspire me to strive and work harder and try my hand at self-confidence. I wonder how its heart works. I wonder how its brain functions. I wonder whether this lordly bird looks down at Earth and wonders about us humans. Such thoughts shoot at my mind ad infinitum and only increase every time I spot the eagle.

Simply beautiful……………

No wonder it is called the king of birds. No wonder it is the eternal king of the sky. No wonder it makes my heart scream “I wanna be the eagle!”





Here to live, laugh and love:)

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Nandhini Senthil Kumar

Nandhini Senthil Kumar

Here to live, laugh and love:)

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