Womankind dreams of this day today. The day when they become compeers with today’s superior man. Young girls and strong women- visionary and ambitious, doodle that day in their books- the picture of a colorful future where a woman can be free as a bird, the QUEEN of her life.

This much orated topic in today’s times has been prevailing in global civilizations since the days of yore. And it’s still living its reign today, in the modern era, in the 21st century, trampling upon the human rights of those who are victims to this unintelligible and fatuous practice of gender inequality.

It’s everywhere nowadays.

The workplace gender gap 😯

In the workplace 🏢👩‍💼, on the streets, even in our own homes 🏡. Even today, women of households are not given a chance to speak out and give their honest opinions and suggestions on while making important decisions. Their voices are not taken into deliberation. Their choices and thoughts are not once contemplated. They can’t shout “Hey, I can be the breadwinner too!” Is it the slightest bit realistic?

We unknowingly bring inequality into our homes, and leave it unnoticed. Life has become unfair for a woman. She has been shunned. Some still think that strength and spirit is not a woman’s thing.

So let me tell you about this video I watched a few days back. I was just casually researching about this issue on YouTube and one video caught my eye. This social experiment video was titled “Always #LikeAGirl”. That surely is a catchy title 👏! In the video, kids and youngsters- boys and girls- were asked to imitate some actions the way they think a girl does it. They were asked to ‘run like a girl’, ‘fight like a girl’, ‘throw like a girl’ and such.

How would you do it? If it was me, I would be myself.

But their responses surprised me 😯. It hinted weakness and shyness in a girl’s actions. Most thought that doing something ‘like a girl’ is a humiliating and offending thing. In my heart, I knew that that was there was nothing more false than that.

A question popped up on the screen- When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?

This question was enough to get the wheels in my brain turning. Why is doing something ‘like a girl’ an insult 🤔?

A girl’s identity has become an insult. A girl’s identity has been degraded. This can’t go on anymore. This has to change.

Everyone wishes for a lot of change in dear society. Every woman, every girl wishes to be considered equal in society. Things have to change. Because man and woman in conjunction means elevating the world to a whole other level.

And for change, we need to hunt for potent solutions 🧐.

Girl Power ✨!

Young girls 🙋‍♀️and boys 🙍‍♂️- the youth of today are tomorrow’s future. The future, free from stereotype and injustice. How can this change if the makers of the future are not yet aware of this prejudice?

For today’s youth to know about this evil in society, we need to teach them. Educate them 👩‍🏫. Urge them to create change in their own way. To make sure that they don’t join the prejudiced club.

  1. That’s where parents step in. Who better to teach children right from wrong than beloved Mommy and Daddy 👩👨?! They should teach their kids about such things from an early age and educate them to prevent injustice rather than becoming a part of it.

2. Moreover, they should practice equality in their homes themselves and make their families aware of this as well. Abolish inequality in their home and set the right example 😃.

3. Learning social and value education at school can help greatly. Teachers at school can continue to tutor kids on social issues and cheer them on 🦸‍♀️ to invent much needed solutions to these problems ✔. They become the superheroes of betterment 🦹‍♀️🦸‍♂️!

But hey, on the bright side, this has changed a great deal 😃 in the past years!! There are prominent women leaders around the world today🌍, and this small step to change is a prize to the world

Let’s promote gender equality 🤩!

We should contribute change from our side as well, today and every day. Women should know that their gender identity is not a bad thing because it never was. We all were, and are equal, and it’s time ⌚ we remind the world.

Let’s fight for gender equality 💪!

Let’s end this stereotype. Because a girl can be manly too 🎀💪.

Ready. Set. Change 🤝.




Here to live, laugh and love:)

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Nandhini Senthil Kumar

Nandhini Senthil Kumar

Here to live, laugh and love:)

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